Pick and Mix

When children come upstairs to our room they often see themselves as “Big Children” this in turn results in increased self esteem and confidence. It is now the job of Pick & Mix staff to support these exciting  developments by creating a more challenging environment and supplying activities which will extend their current knowledge and skills.
Children aged 3 begin to form strong bonds within their peer group and our response to this is to create situations which require “Co-operative Play” where children can draw on their own experiences, those of others and stories they have heard to play out detailed scenarios in imaginative play. This often involves mark making, sharing resources and role play which in turn encourages literacy and mathematical concepts to be learned. These areas are further enhanced through “meaningful experiences” such as shopping trips where the children can notice print in the environment and develop number value, outside trips also encourage children to follow instructions, adhere to rules and create an awareness of their environment.
Basic IT skills are acquired through the use of our class computer whilst individual creative interests are fostered through music, dance, drama, free painting and drawing.

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