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Questions and Answers with Cheyenne

What is your earliest Memory?

I remember going back to our old house when we moved (I was 5) to get our cat. We had to find him in the dark as the electric had been shut off.

Did you have a favourite nursery rhyme, if yes what was it?

Humpty Dumpty

Can you remember your favourite book or bedtime story?

Alice in wonderland.

Did you have a favourite colour, if yes what was it?


Can you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a princess because I loved the dresses disney princesses wore.

Did you have any pets, if yes what was it and its name?

I had a cat called Tumble. He was named that as he got stuck in the tumble dryer when he was a kitten.

What was your favourite TV programme?

Tweenies and Ballamory.

As a child what did you like playing with, did you have a favourite toy?

I had a teddy called Darcey that I got when I was 2 that I slept with and took evevrywhere.

Did you have any favourite foods?

I ate everything!

Can you remember going to nursery school? Did you like it and what can you remember about the experience? Did you have a best friend?

I loved nursery. I started at age 2 and always looked forward to it.

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