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Questions and Answers with Terry

What is your earliest Memory?

I remember my first bike, it was red with stabilisers. Mum bought it for me with her savings club money. 

Did you have a favourite nursery rhyme, if yes what was it?

Yes it was Pat a Cake Pat a Cake Bakers Man

Did you have a favourite colour, if yes what was it?

Not sure about that one.

Can you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a racing car mechanic at Brands Hatch !

Did you have any pets, if yes what was it and its name?

We had our first dog when I was about 1 year old he was called Patch. After that we had another dog called Blackie then one called Timmy then a cat named Pru and then a white cat called Snowball.

What was your favourite TV programme?

It was either "CRACKERJACK" !! (I liked it when contestants played Double or Drop, they got a prize for a correct answer and a cabbage for a wrong answer).
or it was "Blue Peter" I think that is where I got my talent of making things out of rubbish ! (they normally are rubbish as well) 

As a child what did you like playing with, did you have a favourite toy?

I definately had a passion for building complicated structures with my Mechano set, I had one with an electric motor (WOW) !!

Did you have any favourite foods?

I had to eat what I was given and be grateful for it !(hard times but mum & dad made sure we never went without).

Can you remember going to nursery school? Did you like it and what can you remember about the experience? Did you have a best friend?

Yes, the nursery was at the top of our road. But I only went for one day, I cried and screamed so much they didn't want me back so mum had to pack up work to look after me at home OOPS !


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