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Questions and Answers with Shirley

What is your earliest Memory?

Playing in the field at the back of my house with my friends, we would run around and hide behind a big tree.

Did you have a favourite nursery rhyme, if yes what was it?

Rain Rain go Away, Jack and Jill. My sister and I would act out the rhyme and roll about on the floor.

Can you remember your favourite book or bedtime story?

Cinderella - I loved stories with happy endings.

Did you have a favourite colour, if yes what was it?

Blue (That's what my mum said)

Can you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up?

A vet - or marry someone who owned a Shoe Shop. I loved Shoes! Pretty ones with high heels.

Did you have any pets, if yes what was it and its name?

Yes, a cat who was black and called Sooty.

What was your favourite TV programme?

Wooden Tops, Bill and Ben, Andy Pandy. I also loved the film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (again a happy ending).

As a child what did you like playing with, did you have a favourite toy?

A big doll called Sally Anne, my dolls house and dressing up in my mum's clothes and shoes. Everyone said that I lived in a dream world!

Did you have any favourite foods?

Comment from my mum - "You were dreadful with food but strangely liked eating coal!"

Can you remember going to nursery school? Did you like it and what can you remember about the experience? Did you have a best friend?

Yes, I remember going to a house with a garden. I think I went upstairs to a big room with lots of windows but it was a long time ago! and I cannot remember much about what I did whilst I was there.

* Probably more like a childminder than a nursery school

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