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Nursery Nurse

Questions and Answers with Jade

What is your earliest Memory?

When I was 3 years old and I was dressed up as a bird for our nursery concert called “The Teddy Bears Picnic”.

Did you have a favourite nursery rhyme, if yes what was it?

Teddy Bears picnic, not exactly a nursery rhyme, but it was my favourite!

Can you remember your favourite book or bedtime story?

I loved the fairytales that my mom used to read to my sisters and I. I loved all of them, although I think “The Little Mermaid” might have been one of my favourites.

Did you have a favourite colour, if yes what was it?

I loved red and I used to love my white outfit with red strawberries on it!

Can you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a pop star like Kylie Minogue, I even remember day dreaming about it!

Did you have any pets, if yes what was it and its name?

I had 2 dogs called Patches and Blackie and we had some chickens.

What was your favourite TV programme?

I liked “Smurfs” and “Gummie Bears”, later on I loved “He-Man and She-Ra”. I also loved “My Little Pony”.

As a child what did you like playing with, did you have a favourite toy?

I loved my Cabbage Patch Doll and my Rock Star Barbie.

Did you have any favourite foods?

Zoo biscuits! A South African biscuit with coloured icing on top and a different coloured animal on top, also I liked cheese flavoured Nik Naks.

Can you remember going to nursery school? Did you like it and what can you remember about the experience? Did you have a best friend?

I loved nursery school, especially the music and the concerts, my best friend was a blonde boy called Phillip, who used to share his lunch with me.

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